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FOX Architects - Washington, DC

July 9, 2010

Posted by Curtis

As we begin featuring case studies of firms pioneering the use of social media… it’s rather easy to highlight such behemoth firms as HOK and Gensler.

However, we have a special place in our hearts for our small business readers.  That being the case, we relish the opportunity to feature companies making their presence felt… without the 50-person marketing team behind them.

Take for instance a well-respected firm in the DC area.  FOX Architects is a firm I’ve been watching since back in April, when featured in a webinar by Leslie Sluger.

If you “follow” FOX on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook, then you know the numerous ways they connect with us as followers, not to mention their employees, vendors and clients.

Organization: FOX Architects

Location: Washington DC, Virgina

Social Media Sites:


What FOX Is Doing Right

Simplicity. Regardless of the firm, I’m a firm believer that companies should keep their marketing materials as simple and to the point as possible.  Not all clients have the time, knowledge or experience to read through 5 page technical whitesheets.  FOX’s website is a perfect example.  Reader’s get only the information they need in a very eye-pleasing delivery.  If you need to learn a little bit more – there’s a handy e-brochure you can download.
Warmth. If you follow any of their social media channels, you can see how tight-knit a firm this is.  This place seems to have “Best Place To Work” written all over it, mainly… because of it’s people.

People. I’m sure it’s done elsewhere, but FOX is one of the first I’ve seen to introduce new employees on their Facebook Page.  What a great idea!  (Tip: If you’re not doing so already…  the next time you’re on LinkedIn… follow companies that you would like to do business with – then – learn about their needs and culture by studying the employees that come and go.)
Gracious. Sounds simple right?  You’d be surprised how few genuine “thank you’s” you find on the social web.